About Black Smoke Photography

Your Dreams, our lense

Company EST 2016

What we do as Photographers and Vidoegraphers

"We want to capture you in your most natural state, so we pose our clients and we allow them to interact with each other, to allow the photos to look natural and not posed. We omly make use of people who are spontaneous and funny; allowing your day to be as comfortable as possible."
"We have been at more than 50 weddings over the past 16 months and we have great knowledge of how a wedding is supposed to go."

Moments out of focus, becomes memories long forgotten. Let us help put the focus in the right place..
We are based in East Rand, Gauteng
Specialising in :
Fine Art Photography

The Team

Casper Venter

"My name is Casper Venter, I am not a creative writer nor am I a poet, but every wedding to me is like an Artistic Symphony, through my work I want to tell a story, not off who I am, but of who you are when you are together with one another!"


Tiepe Kamera

Tiepe Lens

Tiepe Video Kamera